Monday, January 23, 2017

Great Grandma?

Finally some good news. Of course, it's preceded by some bad news, but...

My granddaughter called today. They've moved the wedding up from some time this summer when Steve and I could attend, to as soon as possible. Air travel being what it is, especially with short notice, it's not in the budget.

I kinda had a suspicion why, but I wasn't going to ask. I still remember that horrible accusing tone of voice my mom had when Paul Sr. pressured me to move our wedding forward because, well, this was back in the days when it just wasn't done to have sex until you were married, and he wasn't about to wait. And I hated feeling the weight of societal guilt and condemnation. Just imagine the most judgmental tone possible, and ask, "So, you're pregnant, are you?"

No way I was even going to hint at going there. I've known she's wanted kids for several years, and the lack of maturity in her previous fiance is a major part in why they split. I just continued the conversation and let her tell me in her own way. And yes, she is.

We had a wonderfully wide-ranging conversation, what the wedding was going to be like, things to expect during pregnancy, all the stuff that can make up about a 40-minute conversation on the topics.

Several years ago, before lapidary when I was still just beading, I put together for her a necklace of silver, natural pearls, and tiny carved bone elephants. She has for almost as long as I've known her loved elephants. She even took a group trip to Thailand and Cambodia back in high school where one week was spent taking care of elephants. (Sponsored by a great-grandmother's trust fund.) Gifts from the family typically have an elephant theme. This one, when I made it, was done in colors and of an appropriate length that it could be worn for her wedding. I let her know when she opened it that that was what I had in mind, also letting her know it was totally her choice if she wanted it for that use.

She let me know that even though I can't be there, my necklace will. And I told - not asked, told - her that I wanted a photo from the wedding. Not something posted on Facebook where Steve can see it and show me for 5 seconds, not an email photo, but a good old analog kind that I can put in a frame and hang on the wall! And she agreed.

Before we both had to go, I bottom-lined the issue. She had early on admitted the timing wasn't ideal.  "Are you happy about it?"


"Then I'm happy for you!"

That's all that needed to be said.

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