Friday, August 12, 2016

Daily Vocabulary: H. Pylori

So the good news is Steve doesn't have gall stones. No surgery necessary. But what he does have is a bacterial infection in his gut. It can cause anything from ulcers to cancer. It gets treated with a cocktail of multiple antibiotics and antacids. After a couple weeks, he goes back in to make sure it's gone.

Its source is a mystery. As much as he eats out, it's likely somebody preparing his food who caries the bacteria neglected proper hand washing. We will probably never know. It doesn't really matter. What matters is properly treating it and, should it happen again, getting my stubborn I-can-take-the-pain guy to go in and deal with it.  Quickly.

Oh, and I can probably still kiss him in the meantime, as long as I don't try to inhale his tonsils.

Oh wait, does he still have those? Maybe I better find out....

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