Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Reason to Hate Drones

By now everybody's heard about civilian deaths from war drone usage. You've heard folks worry about their privacy, and concerns about airliner collisions. Maybe you haven't heard about this one... yet.

Arizona is a very dry state. Many western states are. Global warming is preventing winter die-off of the beetles that kill pine trees, leaving vast areas full of standing fuel for fires. If you follow news, you likely are aware of at least some of the many forest fires out in this part of the country.

They are being fought, of course, and the bravery of those fighting them is heroic. But there was a glitch recently in fighting one of the fires in a well-known recreational areas in this state. It was nearing sunset and the planes dropping chemical retardants and water were about to drop the last assistance to fighting the fire before dark. But they had to pull out of the area with their loads unused.


Because some idiots, likely thinking to get that perfect birds-eye shot of the fire, maybe the one that would make them rich and famous, were flying a pair pf private drones right over the area, endangering planes, crews, and anybody and anything on the ground who needed that last bit of assistance before night fell.

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