Sunday, May 1, 2016


For those of you who read the last post and thought, "Big whoop! A post about a tiny bit of rain when floods and tornadoes are devastating much of the rest of the country? Who cares?"

Let me just note that, had we wanted to live in Texas, for example, and deal with its weather (and laws!) we would have moved to Texas. Same with Oklahoma. Or Kansas. We could have stayed in Minnesota if we adored snow, ice, and frostbite, or wished to exchange them for mosquitoes.

We chose to live where snow is almost unheard of locally, where tornadoes are pictures on the TV, where floods are in places where stupid folks choose to build or drive into despite warnings, where earthquakes may register on a Richter's scale but not underfoot.

And yes, a little rain is a big deal down here. So is a mosquito.

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