Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kudos: Gettin It Done Right, Gettin It Done

First, especially for those of you who've read my last posting, I give kudos to Kartchner Caverns for getting it right. Finally! Handicap stalls with handicap-height seats! And believe me, it's important when you spend four hours there, as Paul and I did yesterday, visiting the Rotunda/Throne Room. By the time we left for our 3 hour return trip, my knee was still reasonably pain free.

Kudos too to the Banner physical therapy staff who handled my recovery. They certainly earned it. I've had bad experiences with PT before, staff who deemed it their goal in life to push you through to their predetermined point whether you were ready to advance that far or not. Who cared about your level of pain or motion, or the efficacy of a particular exercise?

In contrast, the Banner staff were always solicitous about your starting and ending levels of pain, evaluated you constantly on your way through, stayed with you on your way through rather than giving instructions and relocating themselves to something more "important" so they couldn't answer questions or give guidance and suggestions. These guys did pushing - how else do you progress? - but gently, starting with your limits rather than their end goals. And they constantly gave feedback on your progress, adapting your activities to where you were in your recovery rather than a rote "Day 6 means do these 7 things" kind of a program.

As a result... Kudos to me too! I have graduated from PT, not needing more until knee 2. Yayyyyy! If you are keeping score, like we were, I have no problem completely straightening my leg, giving resistance to the therapist trying to pull or push it in different directions, can bend the knee back by myself to 113 degrees (with 0 being straight) and to 125 degrees with the therapist gently pushing and holding. For the record, tomorrow makes 5 weeks since surgery.

As I continue moving and healing, I can expect further progress on the bending. My real goal is knee 2. I see the surgeon in 10 days.

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