Wednesday, February 24, 2016

On The "Goo-o-o-o-od" Stuff

This will be shorter than my usual. Why? Because I'm on the "gooo-o-o-od" stuff. Percoset. Double the usual strength, if I can judge by what Steve has prescribed for him.

I don't actually like it.

Oh, the absence of pain is great. I can walk around with the merest twinge in the knees, and the fact that I pulled something in my back yesterday, when I was out pulling weeds from the back yard so I could be sure it got done before my surgery, means that under the influence of this stuff I am merely feeling what I'd call a mildly annoying itch along my spine.

It doesn't make me high. I consider that a good thing. I've been high on alcohol. At the time I considered that to be fun. Wheee-e-e-e-e-e! Of course I was legally under age at the time, and appropriately stupid. I also felt out of control, and found that to be somewhat less than fun. Designated driver is a more appropriate niche for my comfort level.

Now I merely feel like I've been pushed aside in my own skull. There's a feeling of pressure, almost but not quite rising to the level of a headache. There was also quite a stomach cramp with the first pill. I tried a couple extra glasses of water, as if it were an acid stomach needing diluting. When that failed in relief, I ate a couple handfuls of Wheat Thins, the only crackers in the house. Those helped.

I decided it was not a time to worry too much about carb counting.

I further resolved to cut the rest of the pills in half. I throw out any resulting crumbs. I've heard they can make you super-high, not what I'm looking for. The lesser dose seems to be sufficient.

My insomnia disappeared, at least for the first night. I slept so soundly you might have thought it was the old sleep-deprived me, gone at the drop of a head on the pillow. I've heard that weird dreams can be a side effect of narcotics. Of course, in order to remember dreams, one must wake during one. (Check the studies.) As asleep as I was, that didn't happen, so I can't tell you whether any were more weird than usual or not. What I woke up from, what I always finally wake up from, was one of those gotta-pee-but-not-here things that finally get me out of bed.

Good thing too!

Having slept the night through, I managed to sleep most of the morning through, as well as a good part of the afternoon. I do remember Steve coming out midmorning and asking had I watched any TV? I also recall telling him no, but I was trying to read a bit, managing it at a rate of two naps a page.

I'm anticipating that my body will begin to adjust to the medication and some version of normality will again appear. I still have stuff to do before heading to the hospital.

Starting with finding the list of things I still have to do.


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