Saturday, January 2, 2016


I find that sometimes I need to be exposed to an idea and think on it a bit before I can decide just what I think about it. Today I heard something in the restaurant conversation that didn't need any thought on my part before reacting. Lest you think I was reacting to my personal feelings towards the speaker, let me just clarify that she was simply repeating a comment by a third party that I have never and will never meet, and only know from one sentence uttered.

The speaker in the restaurant had run into someone from years ago, nearly overlooking him because he had changed so much in the interval she hadn't recognized him. The most dramatic change in his appearance was that he now had curly hair where before it was straight. The comment he had made about it to her was that the change in hair style was the best thing he had ever done.

I immediately realized that when someone comments that a change in hair style is the best thing they have ever done, I am perfectly willing to believe them.

On the contrary, if someone were to say that a hair style change was the worst thing they had ever done, scepticism would rear its head.

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