Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mail: Collusion? or Coincidence?

All the mail today was for me. That's not completely unheard of, but it can happen, just like there are days when Steve gets everything incoming. What was interesting was how it all fit together, as if everybody sent theirs in conjunction with the others and knew in just what order I was going to open it.

The first was from somebody who thought I should be using their services to renegotiate my credit card debt. Now technically I can dump some of it. Above a certain $ amount, it can happen. I've known that for years. However, I have never intended to shortchange Capitol One from what I owe them. They have been and continue to be good to me. I earned every penny of that debt, and barring a truly major disaster, I intend to pay it off. If Social Security continues with their obligations, and Medicare with theirs, I will with mine.

So, recycle bin with that one.

Next was an offer including a fake credit card from somebody who thought I wanted a new Mitsubishi. Never mind that my Hyundai is just over a yer old. Never mind that I now drive under 7,000 miles a year rather than the 85,000 or so I did when I was working, a change so drastic that I got offended when my new insurance policy renewal was to have cost 5x what gas in the tank does  these days, enough to prompt a change of policy/company. As I commented to Steve after skimming that piece of mail, obviously these guys have not seen my credit card balance discussed above.

Again, recycle bin.

The last was a really huge envelope. This time the Mayo Clinic was offering to let me spend a whole lot of money with them in order to greatly improve my quality of life as a senior citizen, reassuring me that even at my advanced age I needn't avoid correcting chronic problems that I may otherwise have thought intractable, or just inevitable. Yada yada yada, pagefuls.

As that one sailed toward the recycle bin, I again commented to Steve that they obviously hadn't seen my credit card balance either.

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