Thursday, September 4, 2014

What Free Water?

I'm scratching my head over the idea of people thinking they should be able to get free water at their homes without paying any bills. It's some sort of "right".

Perhaps in some kind of perfect world, some place where water is evenly distributed over the planet, always fresh and unpolluted, people don't worship bluegrass lawns, no sewage returns to the system to be processed, no testing is needed to ensure potability, no people need to be hired to manage all that, no pipes, pumps, holding ponds, labs or anything like that is required, and, hey, no idiots flush weird things down their toilets to clog up the system and require expensive repairs - then maybe water is free to all.

I don't live there. Detroiters who haven't paid their bills and complain about shut-offs don't live there. Spokes people from the UN who blather on about human rights don't live there either.

Do you?

Didn't think so.

So everybody shut up and pay your bills, conserve water sensibly, and treat the system as if you owned it. Because you do. The only alternatives are a policy of anarchy where the rich are the only ones with any water access and you become their slaves in order to "earn" your necessary share, or taxes are raised so everybody supports the system regardless of usage or income.

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