Friday, August 22, 2014

A Moment in the Life

I'm beginning a listing phase. I get this way when all the tasks that must, must, MUST get done are starting to pile up and deadlines loom. It is, after all, less than a month now till retirement. And that's immediately followed by working an auction, hosting a big party (retirement, all-fall-family-birthday, and sayonara), getting a rental minivan, loading up all the stuff we want to take down to Arizona this year since I'm selling the house to Paul and moving the remainder of my stuff into what has been only Steve's room, heading out with help from Steve, Rich and Brenda on Tuesday morning for a 3-day drive, then heading back with an empty minivan for another but solo 3-day drive, picking up Jordan, and flying down with her the next Monday. Then there's work on the house down there (just the cheap stuff, like painting, minor repairs, cleaning, planting), doing some touring of that very scenic state, and flying everybody but Steve and me back. He will need to be registered ASAP for his fall vote in Arizona. We'll need groceries,  more community center passes for swimming....


See what I mean?

Some of the tasks are done. Books are packed. More empty boxes are piling up ready for clothing, personal supplies, food, dog supplies, etc. Then there are the things that are more optional, depending on space left over. The rental is arranged, as are all the airline tickets. Utility companies need to be called for start-ups, and I need to double-check the date on vehicle insurance transfer to be sure there is not a one-day gap. Paperwork on the house must be completed, meaning I need to nag the attorney. Mail and subscription addresses need to be changed, and an absentee ballot filled out for what is likely my last vote in Minnesota.

Yes, we are hanging our addresses officially at different times, and voting in different states. He's already gotten his AZ drivers license. I'll get mine the day after the election, car license too.

There's more to do, more to add to the lists. But right now, I'm still working, and it's time to get ready for it.

Hmmm, make motel reservations, list TV shows for the DVR down there, list chores for while I'm driving back..........

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