Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cheney: Still A Dick!

'Nuff said?

No? Still hiding in that cave with no news input, eh? Well, stick your head out and do a teensy bit of research. See what he's been up to lately. Listen to him lie about everything, denying what happened during the Bush/Cheney administration, denying things he said which are readily available on tape proving the lie. Listen to him blame everything happening in Iraq now on Obama, especially things which happened during Cheney's time in office, as if Obama had a time machine and could go back in time to exercise his Presidential power.

I apologize for the nausea you'll experience, for the astonishment and anger at the blatant lies and self-agrandizement. But now that you're out of your cave, you'll realize nothing's has changed. Well, except possibly that his Haliburton stock has increased in value by a number in the order of thousands of times.

Cheney: still a Dick!

So why, oh why, is anybody still listening to him?

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