Thursday, May 15, 2014

Colorizing... FAIL

I read Steph's blog regularly. The only down side is when I go to shut off my laptop, there is an ad behind all the other windows. Not a real biggie: mostly I just delete that too. I've learned my lesson.

Yes, I really did click on one of them, months ago. It was something to do with lower mortgage rates, and I wondered idly just what rates were at that point in time. I don't have or need one so it was simply idle curiosity in a time of fluctuation. It didn't take me very long to realize they were way more interested in getting my information than giving me the promised information, so I shut it down and went to do something useful.

The only after-effect is that now every single pop up ad connected with any website deals with mortgages. Nobody has figured out yet that this might be the one single thing that I'm never going to be interested in. Tough for them. Easier for me to ignore.

Until yesterday.

It was another semi-clone of the same old same old, starting with something Obama offered in some program or other. This one had a picture of a youngish black man covering most of it, looking as if somebody had just startled him with some kind of wonderful offer.  It was done in black-and-white, mostly, but somebody just had to express their genius by colorizing just a wee bit of it.

They made his eyes bright blue.

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