Thursday, February 27, 2014

Religion Getting In The Way 2

I knew I forgot one.

Uganda just passed new legislation resulting in prison terms just foe being homosexual. Defending it against widespread protest from other societies, it was claimed that the US had been meddling in their affairs, obviously unwelcomed. I, of course, dismissed that out of hand.

Until I heard otherwise. Our radical evangelicals have sent contingents over there trying to persuade Ugandans of the horrors of homosexuality, an obviously evil "lifestyle choice".  So why the reaction in favor of their desires simultaneously with actions favoring them? Because the opposite contingent has been at work lobbying their cause in Uganda too. Their combined efforts have left Uganda with this awful legislation and resentment of interference.

It occurs to me how odd it is that the aim of stopping homosexual activity is supposed to be met by long years of prison time, possibly even life sentences. After all, we all know that nothing like that ever happens to people segregated in single-sex populations behind bars, right?

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