Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Lite

To all of you who may still be waiting for my annual X-mas card to arrive, well, I've decided along with Steve that this is not the year for it. My apologies for those disappointed. If you're not, in fact dread their arrival, then you're welcome.

I had plans to send them out. I took several pictures this year with the thought that this might be the picture for the card. There were some wonderful fall pics along the bike trail last October, before taking Steve down to Arizona. We took a leisurely 2-scooter ride down the west arm of the trail. Fall colors were starting, interesting fungi and seed pods were visible next to the path.  While my scooter battery ran out, requiring Steve to push me with power from his, and my camera battery ran out at the far end of the path, a few wonderful pictures were taken.

An early season snowfall resulted in a couple nice pictures, and a new grandbaby offered others. A family reunion, Brundy style, offered yet others. Choices needed to be made. They were postponed, until, in early December, life got just a little too interesting. What energy was left after going survival-mode was diverted, along with funds enabling their production and mailing.

The holiday was still celebrated. I flew to join Steve for nearly a week just before the actual day, and spent that with family up here. Both were wonderful, and well-needed.

I do know folks who send their X-mas cards/letters out a few weeks late. If you think I haven't given that some thought, well, I have. But life is no less interesting now than it's recently been, And that extra energy I might have is getting aimed at tax quarterlies coming due in a couple weeks, both figuring net income and where the tax payments are going to come from. The dog has some new (expensive) health issues. Minnesota weather is unabated, thanks to La Nina. I'm hunting for my missing Mother's ring, thinking now that the cat, on one of her few occasions of being allowed into my bedroom, may have discovered a pretty shiny and highly portable new toy, after I took it off to avoid losing a stone after spying a missing prong. And the dealership still hasn't been able to duplicate my new car's starting problem.

And so it continues. So ...

Happy Holidays All!

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