Friday, March 22, 2013

Compounding Their Error

You might recall my recent post about Sexual Harrassment.  When I last checked in with my granddaughter, it seemed to be over.

Not so fast.

Apparently there is no issue that somebody can't make worse.

Yesterday I had a nice chat with my granddaughter again. Among the news items, she updated me on this one. The day before, she'd gotten her own performance review.  She'd been written up for having been sexually harrassed!

Huh? How does that work? It's the victim's fault? They hire and promote the slimeball but his rotten behavior is her fault?

I'm proud of the girl. She basically said "F U" to her employer (not out loud) and decided it was time to go job hunting. There's an Arbys next door. When she dropped off her application there, the general manager was in, interviewed her while she was there, and hired her on the spot! Starting pay is same as she's getting now, shift is same so she can continue with college classes, hours increased to actual full time, and if she performs as they expect her to, she'll be fast-tracked into management!

She starts in two weeks.

Atta Girl!!!

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