Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Night - Best and Worst

Everybody seems to be expressing their opinions today. I thought I'd join in. I have some of my own after watching the program. Not about who won or who didn't: not having seen the movies, I can't judge. But I do have opinions on the awards program itself.

For example: Worst Host Ever: Seth McFarlane. This category is related to Worst Joke of the Night: anything by Seth McFarlane. There is actually an exception to the anything-touched-by-Seth-M-is-Crap meme: the category of Funniest Song of the Night: "We Saw Your Boobs". I'm hoping it goes viral on You Tube.

I find I have lots of opinions on wardrobe choices. Call me a sexist, but I only bothered noticing the women's fashions. Best Dress of the Night: Michelle Obama's. There were a lot of nice ones there, but this one stood out. Now Worst Dress had some stiff competition. One possible candidate was the one which caused the tripping incident. Lovely design but too much in front that couldn't be moved out of the way. It dovetails right into the Most Idiotic Question of the Night, where the reporter asked her if she tripped on purpose?  Duh, did you see that dress?

Other candidates for worst dress include the white thing with the full, furry skirt. I have no idea who wore it but she had to move it when one of the winners needed to walk up to receive her award, and that even thoug both were in the front row. Not just impractical, but butt ugly! The only thing it might have been good for is if the wearer was a size 4 above the waist trying to hide the fact that she was a size 56 below the waist, pretending all that bulk was just the dress. And while one might assume it was brand new, it just looked dirty. Another Worst Dress candidate is also the Worst Hair winner: Helena Bonham Carter. Was she auditioning for another Sweeney Todd role?

Biggest Surprise of the Night? It's a tie between how tall Charlize Theron is and how short Dustin Hoffman is. Pairing them for a presentation showed the contrast.

Biggest Waste? About two of the four hours of the program, drivel and fillers. It made taping it and using the fast forward button worth its weight in... furry skirts?

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