Thursday, July 12, 2012

A LIttle Snark

Harry Reid is angry. I mean pissed! It's not just politics as usual, either. This time it's with the US Olympic Committee.

Now we all know  - or should have guessed - that those smart looking uniforms our athletes wear need to be both designed and manufactured. So Ralph Lauren was commissioned to do the designing. Haven't seen the pics yet, but I'm sure we all will, soon enough. Prices are a bit eye-opening, though, I'm hearing quotes like $975. per piece for some simple items. Not complete wardrobes. Not single outfits. Items. So one can guess that sending them over to China for manufacturing wasn't just 'cause they needed to economize? A bit late already, no?

Of course, it's the sending-them-over-to-China bit that has Senator Reid in a snit, what with our recession and a whole lot of textile workers out of work in our own country. Where's the patriotism? Where's the economic stimulus? Where's the common sense?

Perhaps this particular bit of outsourcing was started when Romney had charge of our Olympics hosting back when? I think somebody ought to check into that.

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