Monday, May 14, 2012

A Near-Perfect Mom's Day

Heck, nothing's completely perfect. But this weekend came darn close.

Let's start with all of my kids being (relatively) OK and accounted for. One is grieving a relationship not meeting his hopes, but we got a chance to have a long talk about it around a bonfire after everybody else left. But that was the end of the weekend. Let's go back to the start of it.

First, the weather: mild, sunny, and mosquito-free. Fishing opener for the rest of the world, for me it was an early morning trip to the local bead store to check out their new supply of Czech glass beads. Folks, there will be some differences in your necklaces come X-mas this year.

Then off to Crex Meadows to join in their advertised wildflower hike (free, no reservations, start 12:30 PM, chance to see small yellow ladyslipper.) I'd asked by phone about how much walking was involved and was assured it would be more driving. True, much more driving, to a spot well outside of Crex,  but at the end of the drive there was a lot of walking. I bugged out when I needed to. This was fine, because I'd already seen the pink ladyslipper, the small yellow ladyslipper, Jacks in their pulpits, and trilliums to shoot. Also some interesting mossy rocks, and bunches of other woodsy things. And had a sit-down before the trek out.

Having cut myself loose from the group, I returned to Crex proper and got my fill of reflections, (distant) sandhill cranes decked out in brown mud for spring courting as well as bug control, trumpeter swans, goose families, and even pocket gophers. A stop for a nap on the way home followed by another at KFC and the day was complete.

Sunday started with catching up a little on DVR recordings, mostly season finales, plus a few HGTV offerings.  We - Steve and I - devour those up, occasionally finding ideas we like, often shaking our heads at how high-end some folks require their homes or rooms to be, or how high a price they pay for a home without blinking. It was a semi-grunge day. Mid afternoon the whole family headed to the back yard for a bonfire, weenie roast, and marshmallow roast, plus lots of conversation.  A little more TV, and time for bed.

No packing, no major shopping or cleaning, no cooking. Yeee-haahhh!

Oh, and one of my lottery tickets won enough to replace itself! Whee.

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