Monday, December 19, 2011

On the Vikings

Face it, this year they stink. Somehow, they seem to still be winning in the we-want-you-to-fund-a-new-stadium battle with the state. Apparently good things come to bad teams' owners. For some the threat of no football is worse than really bad football. (They probably see relationships the same way.)

I had to watch a few early season games. We taped them for my dad, and while he was still able to watch and enjoy them, somebody had to be there to pause, or fast-forward through the commercials. That was me. They gave a pretty good showing for a while and still wound up losing. Just before the weekend they had a 2-11 record, and I neither know nor care whether they even played this weekend.

I wound up thinking of them this way: they're nearly as good as every other team out there.

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