Sunday, October 23, 2011


Steve has kept Fred here since his knee surgery. Fred gets outside into a fenced yard for exercise and doggie duties without anybody needing to get a leash and walk with him. With the exception of one weekend visit, when I put Fred in the car and drove out to Dassel, they've been apart. That ended Friday afternoon, at least for a bit.

Steve picked up Maria, his daughter, and came up here to spend the night so, among other things, both could attend/work the auction a couple towns down the road. This way they wouldn't have to get up super early Saturday morning and drive 100-plus miles before starting. Steve ran errands Friday on the way. His truck back was loaded with a few items he was moving here, not the least of which was his supply of dog food, since Fred eats about twice what Koda does. It was Steve's turn to supply some chow. Heading home the truck back was loaded with packing materials - bubble wrap, foam, boxes. Moving day has been set now for November 19th.

The dogs were in the back yard when the two arrived. After Steve was sitting in "my" recliner next to the back door, Paul let them in. Koda trotted right in. Fred waddled in until he was even with the middle of the side of the chair, suddenly realized his master and god was present, and jumped straight up over the arm of the recliner straight into Steve's lap! All 53 short-legged pounds of him, like he was a five-pound cat and not a basset!

Of course he didn't land quite like one. Steve claims he's just fine, however. Love heals a lot.

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