Monday, September 20, 2010

Lazy Weekend

Well, sorta, anyway. I did in fact spend most of it in the recliner, feet up, recovering from the week. I also, in fact, enjoyed several naps in said chair. And I did not take a shower, comb my hair, or tend to any of a number of things that are none of your business.

It's probably a very good thing my dad's nose deserted him years ago. At least he never complained as I fed him, poured coffee, refilled his nebulizer, maneuvered his rolling chair next to the TV so he could enjoy every second of the Vikings pretending they were an actual football team.

I managed to finish off every single book I'd brought home from the library, and the latest - to me - purchased Lucas Davenport novel, without staying up past my bedtime. If, that is, that word has any meaning on weekends including plentiful naps in the recliner. This resulted in my going on-line and finding out that the phone directions I was given for entering my new password in the local library database so I could reserve a new supply of books were completely bogus. It was after library hours, so I had to wait for today. Today when I called the directions were much simpler, though I was told they were "complicated".

Wait, huh?

Last week the gal said to enter my last name, capitalizing the first letter, and adding my first initial, also capitalized. I tried about 18 different permutations of that, well willing to believe I'd missed something insignificant but vital. (It's a talent.) None worked.

Today I was told to enter my last name, capitalizing the first letter. Just that. No first initial, lower or upper case, first or last position, or anything else I'd tried. Just that last name.

That's complicated? Hey, if you can't explain that over the phone.....

I spent some more time online checking out the rules for that latest 3 Minute Story contest sponsored by NPR. They give you a first and last sentence and a 600-word limit. I liked the topic and decided to give it a try.

Do you know how much of a bother it is to have to count words for all 7 drafts of a 600-word story? But technically, most of that counting happened today, after the story was written and revised a few times. My next-to-last draft came to 604 words. Oops. Carve out 6. I'm actually pretty pleased with it, and just finished sending it in. I'd post it here, but their rules say I can't.

Maybe if they hate it, I can post it. If they love it, I'll post a link. The results get posted on their site in late November. Maybe I can remember to look for it after that long.

Next weekend won't be so lazy. There's an auction, and this one is outdoors, non-computerized, old-fashioned paper trail. Daddy says I can borrow his scooter so I can be as mobile as I need to be, since I won't be tethered to a computer. I just have to hope there's space between the concrete fountains, gnomes, gargoyles, dragons and what-nots to maneuver.


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